Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Dare to Be Known for Who you Are?

I often ask myself this question. Since I have practiced Reiki (which is very much apart of me) I noticed I wouldn't tell people that often exactly what I did. I would just say "healing" or energy work. Some people still don't understand or are afraid of Reiki because of the lack of knowledge or they think it's some religion. Over the years Reiki has gradually become somewhat "acceptable" or mainstream if you will.

Although Reiki has been re-discovered in Japan, recently I have been doing research and found something extraordinary! You see, Reiki has been around for thousands of years in Egypt. Although I was unable to uncover the depths of this history, because it was lost or smuggled out of Egypt, nonetheless, it has made a huge impact of "who I am" and why I am practicing Reiki. The name was not called Reiki, but rather "Sekh Em" which is the energy from the five elements -- earth, air, fire, water and spirit. It was used to heal the earth and it's inhabitants. It was not so much physical healing, but more individual awakening and enlightment. Further research has revealed to me various pictures of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses with their hands in Reiki position. This amazed me and immediately I felt this really close connection to it all.

All of this discovery has given me the power to be proud of what I do, to talk more about what I do with a confidence I didn't have before. More importantly, it has given me such a sense of connection and belonging. Yes, I can now "Dare to be Known for Who I am"! It's a beautiful practice and heck, my ancestors practiced it! I have been chosen to be this vessel of light to others and I welcome that in my heart and soul.


LReeves said...

Michele, This is all very interesting to me. I cannot wait to learn more about Reiki and I will be coming back often to understand more. Great blog!

Pusinsbiz's iKyubit said...

Aloha Michele,
My youngest daughter is a Reiki practioner just like you, and I have been fortunate enough to be given reiki treatment for my arthritis. I have very high regards for people like you to use the power of reiki to help others. God Bless.

Jennie said...

Hello Michele,
I absolutely love your blog! During a hurtful time, your kindness and Reiki healing practice helped me so much. I felt strong and healed after receiving Reiki from you. I found that I was able to stand in my power and fear noone. I realized, after our session, that standing in my power and clearing the negative energy out of my life would allow me a more peaceful reality... Thank you for your work!