Thursday, March 4, 2010

If Ya Don't Like the Station, Change the Channel

Who says we have to continue to live in a state of fear, lonliness, stuckness or whatever channel you are on that isn't working. Do you realize that WE have the ability to change our situations in a split second, or as long as it takes for a cloud to move in the sky.

You wonder how? Well, it can start with changing your thoughts. You can dig really deep and ask, "why do I feel this way?" and an answer will come. You can meditate on it, pray on can even send it to Reiki and that energy can change or just do something totally out of your comfort zone... something you would NEVER do! What would life look like if we all took that approach?

Changing your thoughts can take us to highly evolving levels in our lives. I figure, if all those negative thoughts are creating an unwanted reality, then why not change them to a more positive thought and start living that reality...ya think!

Isn't it time to allow our lives to flow like a river and our hearts to beat like the thrill of decending on a roller coaster?

I believe the time is now.

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Joe said...


Livin in a state of fear, lonliness, or other emotions can really be painful to a person from holding back their emotions. I know this from personal experience from when I was younger... and the fear to speak in public or to a stranger. With some work and turning negative energy into positive energy I was able overcome my fears. You've got a nice looking blog here Michele! Keep up the fantastic work!